What is a Dry bulk liner?

Dry Bulk Liners are used around the world for a growing range of granular and powder products as a highly cost effective and time saving alternative to traditional small or intermediate packages. Dry Bulk Liners, form a clean, dry and protective barrier between the product and the inside of the container. After discharging, the liner is simply removed and recycled or safely disposed of leaving the container clean and ready for the next load.

We offer the Container Liner in sizes of 20′ and 40′ to suit the standard ISO container.

Prevent external contamination by using a completely sealed bulk liner from silos of manufacturers to silos of customers

  • Decreases contamination during unpacking
  • Increase loading capacity
  • Cuts working hours and labor costs
  • Decreases packing costs
  • Decreases disposal costs of packaging

Application products