The walls of 20′ open-top containers are generally made of corrugated steel. The floor is made of wood.It has the following typical distinguishing structural features. The roof consists of removable bows and a removable tarpaulin. The door header may be swivelled out.

These two structural features greatly simplify the process of packing and unpacking the container. In particular, it is very easy to pack and unpack the container from above or through the doors by crane or crab when the roof is open and the door header is swivelled out.


20′ OPEN TOP – General Purpose Container


Construction: Steel container with corrugated walls and wooden floor



Outside : ( L x W x H) 6,058 mm x 2,440 mm x 2,590 mm

Inside :    ( L x W x H) 5,867 mm x 2,350 mm x 2,390 mm

Door opening:  ( W x H)  2,330 mm x 2,280 mm

Max. Gross Weight: 30,480kg

Max. Payload:  28,100kg

Tare weight:  2,330kg

Capacity:  32,5 m3