The walls of 40′ open-top containers are generally made of corrugated steel. The floor is made of wood.

Their principal uses are as follows:

  •  packing and unpacking from above or through the doors by crane or crab
  •  tall cargo


40′ OPEN TOP – General Purpose Container


Construction:  Steel container with corrugated walls and wooden floor



Outside : ( L x W x H)  12,190 mm x 2.440 mm x 2,590 mm

Inside :    ( L x W x H) 12,029 mm x 2.350 mm x 2,350 mm

Door opening:  ( W x H) 2,340mm x 2,300mm

Max. Gross Weight: 30,480kg

Max. Payload:  26,480kg

Tare weight:  4,000kg

Capacity:  66,5 m3