20′ HARD TOP – General Purpose Container

The walls of 20′ Hard Top containers are generally made of corrugated steel. The floor is made of wood.

It has two typical distinguishing structural features. On the one hand, it is equipped with a REMOVABLE steel roof. In some types, this roof has points for accommodating forklift trucks, allowing the roof to be lifted by forklift truck. The roof weighs approx. 450 kg. In addition, the door header may be swivelled out.

 In the case of transport of an overheight cargo, the 20′ Hard Top container roof may be left open and fastened directly to a side wall on the inside of the container. To do this, the roof only needs approx. 13 cm (5 1/8″) of space.

Lashing rings, to which the cargo may be secured, are INSTALLED  in the upper and lower side rails, the corner posts and the middle of the side walls. The lashing rings on the side rails and corner posts may take loads of up to 2000 kg. The lashing rings in the middle of the side walls may take loads of up to 500 kg, provided that the roof is closed.


Construction: Steel container with corrugated walls and wooden floor


Outside : ( L x W x H) 6,058 mm x 2,440 mm x 2,590 mm

Inside :    ( L x W x H) 5,867 mm x 2,330 mm x 2,310 mm

Door opening:  ( W x H)  2,350 mm x 2,260 mm

Max. Gross Weight: 30,480kg

Max. Payload:  27,200kg

Tare weight:  2,380kg

Capacity:  33,8 m3