Standard ISO Tank Container

can be suitable for international use by carrying wide range of liquids, chemicals or foods.



Type: 20 ISO frame, UN portable tank

Shell material : Stainless steel 316L

Frame dimensions: (L x W x H) 6,058 mm x 2,438 mm x 2,591 mm

Nominal capacity: 17,500L / 21,000L / 24,000L / 25,000L /26,000L

Tare weight: (approx)3,330kg /3,480kg / 3,550kg / 3,665kg /3,770kg

Working pressure: 4.0bar

Test pressure: 6.0bar

Design temperature: -40 to 130

Approvals: Lloyds or BV Construction Certificate, IMDG, CFR49, ADR/RID, AAR 600, CSC, TC, TIR, ISO UIC, US/UK DOT

Steam heating: 6 longitudinal runs of heating coils, giving a total effective heating area of 7.00 M2 will be fitted