Flexi tank


Technical info


•Volume : 16,000 to 24000 litres

•Filling And Discharge : Bottom

•Valve : PP 2″ or 3″

•Food grade materials; HACCP hazard analysis and critical control points determined


No Sidewall Pressure


•The first and only flexitank that does not exert any no pressure to the sides of the container

•No more trouble with containers as no pressure is exerted to the sides of the container

•Preferred by the shipping lines / container owners as it does not damage the containers

•Relaxed selection criteria for containers, expanding the range of usable containers


Easy Fitting


•Simple fitting procedure – can be fitted by 2 persons in 2 minutes

•Taken out of the box, unrolled into the container, fastened by the lashings and ready to load

•Lower labor cost for fitting


No Bulkhead Flexitank


•The first and only flexitank that does not require bulkheads or special fitting requirements

•Elimination of the cost of bulkhead – no need for wood, steel, polystyrene or other plastics used

•The patented design with two bladders in the shape of a pyramid that prevents the movement of the liquid and makes the bulkheads obsolete

•The patented  bonnet design on the valve that preserves the cargo, acting as a second level of security

•No need for carton in most cases due to thicker fabric and elimination of friction with the side walls of the container as there is no contact