Construction: steal, outside: aluminium corten, inside: steal corten

  • Especially for cargo which needs constant temperature above or below freezing point.
  • Walls in “sandwich-construction” with Polyurethane foam in order to provide maximum insulation.
  • The reefer unit is a compact-design compressor unit with air-cooled condenser. It switches automatically from cooling to heating-operation (and vice-versa), if a change of the outside temperatures makes it necessary.
  • Possible voltages: 380 V/50 Hz to 460 V/60 Hz.
  • Permissible temperature setting: +25°C to –25°C (+77°F to –13°F)
  • The set temperature can be kept as long as the difference between the average outside temperature and cargo temperature does not exceed the following limits:

– for heating 42°C (76°F)

– for cooling 60°C (108°F)





Außenmaße: (L x B x H)  (L x W x H) 6,058 mm x 2,440 mm x 2,590 mm

Innenmaße: (L x B x H) 5,850 mm x 2.300 mmx 2,290 mm

Türmaße: (B x H) 2,340 mm x 2,270 mm

Max.Gewicht: : 30,480 kg

Max.Zuladung:  27,290 kg

Tara:  2,280 kg

Volumen:  33,0 m3