Weight: approx.   7,5kg (incl. padlock)

Dimensions: approx. 455mm x 105mm x 100mm

Mechanical, variable door locks for: 

Container; swap bodies; trailer; semi-trailer and curtain side trailer with locking bars on the outside


  • The claws of L100 are forked, are laid around the door-bar distance holders and locked with a padlock.
  • certified: VdS M114341 (Germany); only valid with Mul-T-Lock padlock 13mm (engraving C13)
  • no mounting required (variable attachment)
  • solid, weather-resistant steel locking incl. innovative saw protection
  • for door bar distances of 225mm – 435mm
  • incl. Mul-T-Lock padlock with 3 keys and 1 key card (norm EN 12320 grade 4) protection against drilling, ANTI-Drill
  • keyed alike and master system possible against surcharge.
  • monitoring installation of a surveillance module is possible with our accessory product GPS-Safe



The L100 can be attached to any container/trailer.


If you want to remove the L100, you first have to open the MTL padlock and take it off. Then you can pull the L100 apart. Hence, you have to handle 3 pieces. Besides anytime the door has to be secured or opened, 7,5kg have to be moved.