A UNIQUE STRUCTURE  which will enable you to run the event of your dreams.


These Structures are the definite eye catcher , with a variety of Special features , we can provide the perfect product for you. These are sustainable, special,and exhilarating addition.With our fast and easily assembled structure, we will help you to create an event that no one will ever forget.


This is a strong structure with Special aerodynamic features that grant them sustainability.It could be used for many types of activities from hosting a music festival , through an exclusive Convention room , to a close to nature recreation hall.

Whether you are looking for a one-time or multiple-use unique enclosure , this Structure is just for you.


What is it made of:


  • Structure : galvanized steel
  • Cover : PVC,Blockout PVC,Airtex





The framework of the structure itself is made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is steel that has undergone Chemical processes making the Metal difficult to rust, durable and hard to scratch.Three different types of covers are available, All are made of PVC Materials.

The first option is regular PVC, which is slightly translucent and durable.

The second option is Airtex PVC , a thinner PVC than the regular, making it more translucent and allowing the light to pass through it. This can create an expecially unique effect at night lighting equipment.

The third and final option is Blockout PVC, a thicker PVC than the regular, which does not allow light to pass it at all.


Optional Uses:


  • Advertising
  • Exhibition areas
  • Conference halls


What is making it Special?


  • One of a kind eye-catcher
  • Fast and easy to assemble in varied locations
  • Can withstand difficult weather condition
  • Unique lighting effects
  • Custom made covers
  • Creates panoramic view effect



Diameter(m) Area(sqm)     Height (m)
6 m                29 m²          3,6 m
7,5 m                41 m²          4,3 m
9 m                65 m²          4,6 m
11 m                95 m²          5,5 m
14 m              141 m²             7 m
19 m              262 m²          9,1 m
30 m              700 m²           15 m