STORAGE CONTAINERS   All containers can be quickly and easily moved and relocated offering considerable advantages for those with portable requirements.   Size: Same as 20′ or 40′ container Roller door or Iron door  2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 door type Partition wall and 2 ventilator per room

Parkmobile Containers

Bright red containers filled with lush greenery and curling ferns have started popping up in the town of Thessaloniki. The plan aims to improve the district’s streets, alleys, and public spaces.Τiny portable gardens housed in dumpster-style containers. Τhis project would like to develop a sense of place and utilize neglected public spaces – Parkmobiles are…


SAFETY HANDRAILS   Collapsible safety handrails covering the full length of the tank container allowing safe access to the top of the tank for loading purposes.   Length: Acc. the to the tank container Diameter: 21 mm and 25 mm Material: INOX Handrails   If we’ve to modify the top frame due to fitting of handrail, we’ll inform…


VILLAGE HOUSE   Construction Dimensions :  Length: 12.000 mm Width: 2.450 mm Height: 2.900 mm   Bedroom  Dimensions (2) :  Length: 3.200 mm / 2.800 mm Width:  2.450 mm / 2.450 mm Height: 2.900 mm / 2.900 mm   WC Dimensions:  Length: 1.600 mm Width: 1.500 mm Height: 2.900 mm   Complete electrical installation Laminate floor IC1


40′ HC STORAGE CONTAINER WITH ROLL UP DOORS Dimensions of Container:   External: (L x W x H) 12,190 mm x 2,440 mm x 2,890 mm Inside: (L x W x H) 12,029 mm x 2,350 mm x 2,690 mm Door opening: (W x H) 2,340mm x 2,590mm Max. Gross Weight: 30,480kg Max. Payload: 26,600kg Tare weight: 3,900kg   Capacity: 76,2 m3…


A UNIQUE STRUCTURE  which will enable you to run the event of your dreams.   These Structures are the definite eye catcher , with a variety of Special features , we can provide the perfect product for you. These are sustainable, special,and exhilarating addition.With our fast and easily assembled structure, we will help you to…


Extra slide doors on  3,00m x 2,80m ( LxH)on a  45’HCPW containerΗ-ταινία-μου.mp4 45’HCPW container REPLACEMENT OF NEW TARPAULIN IN 20’OPEN TOP CONTAINER CONTAINER PAINTING IN RAL OF YOUR CHOICE CLEANING/WASHING OF TANK CONTAINERS HOLES / SCRATCHES REPAIR Cutting/removing container sides