A UNIQUE STRUCTURE  which will enable you to run the event of your dreams.   These Structures are the definite eye catcher , with a variety of Special features , we can provide the perfect product for you. These are sustainable, special,and exhilarating addition.With our fast and easily assembled structure, we will help you to…


Extra slide doors on  3,00m x 2,80m ( LxH)on a  45’HCPW container https://globuscontainer.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Η-ταινία-μου.mp4 45’HCPW container REPLACEMENT OF NEW TARPAULIN IN 20’OPEN TOP CONTAINER CONTAINER PAINTING IN RAL OF YOUR CHOICE CLEANING/WASHING OF TANK CONTAINERS HOLES / SCRATCHES REPAIR Cutting/removing container sides

Liquid Collector

This construction is suitable for storage of liquid cargo in pallets. Suitable for all container types. The floor of the container has been covered with special safety basins and grids. In case of leakage of dangerous or non dangerous cargo, the commodity will be released via the pipe, which is located outside of container.


Weight: approx.   7,5kg (incl. padlock) Dimensions: approx. 455mm x 105mm x 100mm Mechanical, variable door locks for:  Container; swap bodies; trailer; semi-trailer and curtain side trailer with locking bars on the outside   The claws of L100 are forked, are laid around the door-bar distance holders and locked with a padlock. certified: VdS M114341 (Germany); only…