One Step Inside? JEALOUS


When you think about it, old shipping containers can be converted into tons of useful things. Some people have used them to create underground wine cellars.

But this guy here, has decided to turn an old shipping container into a 160-sqft tiny home. While the outside might look lame, the trendy and stylish interior will blow you away!

This tiny home built in Costa Rica by Cubica uses a shipping container that was 20-feet long. While it might look like just a rectangle from outside, the designers made excellent use of the space inside.

When you step inside, you’ll be blown away by the relaxing and inviting ambience. The wood floors and earth tones will make you feel like you’re stepping into a luxury retreat.

The functional tiny home, called Casa Cubica, can sleep up to four because the living area can be converted into a bedroom with the Murphy bed.

Two other single beds are tucked into the corner, bunk style, optimizing the available space and accommodating an entire family easily.

Although the home is small, the kitchen is fully equipped and loaded with lots of counter and cabinet space.

Because the dining table folds into the wall, no space is wasted. The bathroom is contemporary and functional.

Perhaps, one of the best features, considering this tiny home is in the tropical climate of Costa Rica, is the wooden roof deck. Climb the stairs up here and lounge out in the sun while enjoying a tropical drink.

Casa Cubica can be moved and relocated to other amazing areas of Costa Rica.




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